into the woodlands

kauniste autumn / winter 2018

woodlands kitchen towel black.jpg

This fall and winter we are thrilled to work with Laura Carlin, an English illustrator and ceramist. In the new pattern, the Woodlands, we apply her original artwork on our signature linen & cotton textiles.

Woodlands was selected as a topic, as the quirky animals hiding in the woods also fit well the Finnish mindset and landscape.

Forest can be a magical place, if you roam free and let your mind wander.

kauniste cushion woodlands blue.jpg

Since the very beginning our goal has been to combine illustrators' art prints into items used every day in the home. To create the fabric, Laura sent us the painted elements which we then combined to the final pattern.

It is a very analog way to work, and in the final textiles we wanted to show as much as possible Laura's own hand print.

kauniste woodlands bag.jpg

Laura loves to draw trees and plants, but most of all she likes to create a scene – one that the viewer can look into, and either discover things that have been drawn within, or use their imagination to imagine what could be there!

The forest can be friendly and inviting or dark and mysterious, depending on who’s viewing it!

pinecones kauniste.jpg

Autumn is the best time to enjoy “ruska”, the Finnish term for beautiful fall colors. It’s also the time when the woods are filled with delicious berries and mushrooms.

It’s best to take a basket with you so that you can carry all the free treats that the forest has to offer.