Kaunis is the Finnish word for beautiful. Kauniste means to decorate or to make beautiful.

H A N N E L E   Ä I J Ä L Ä

Hannele has studied fine arts in Lahti, and she is currently studying textile art at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Hannele picks up ideas and inspiration for her patters by simply observing her surroundings. Because of her background in fine arts, Hannele enjoys drawing and combining simple line shapes with the screen printing technique. This can create very diverse patterns, and the end result is always playful and a bit unpolished.


working desk3.jpg

H A N N A  K O N O L A

Hanna is a young talented graphic designer from Pyhäjärvi, North of Finland. She graduated from University of Art and Design, Helsinki MA program in the spring 2012. Hanna has a wonderful talent to create seemingly simple designs that still have a lot of depth. Hanna has also studied at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, and she finds the simplicity of Japanese esthetics inspiring. Instead of planning and analyzing, Hanna lets intuition and coincidence guide her work.



B J Ø R N  R U N E  L I E

Bjørn is a Norwegian illustrator born in the coastal town of Bergen. He graduated from the Falmouth College of Arts, and although he now lives in UK, the Norwegian nature is still very much present in his work. Bjørn is inspired by folk art, noir films and pre-digital era print works among others. The bursting good humor, the skillful details, and Bjørn's original style remind us of the most joyful aspects of Scandinavian life.



L E E N A  K I S O N E N

Leena graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in spring 2012. Before that, she also spend time studying in Cologne and Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. The edgy paper cutting technique is very characteristic of Leena's work, and her favorite working materials are paper and scissors. The style of Leena's illustrations is ranging from light and playful to more peculiar creations. Leena sums up her design style as feminine clumsy.





M A T T I  P I K K U J Ä M S Ä

Matti has graduated from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Matti's illustrations reflect the classics of Scandinavian design whilst still taking a fresh, distinguishable approach. His humorous designs often have a nostalgic feel, stemming thoughts of childhood, Finnish countryside and nature. He combines both drawing and painting techniques to create pieces with unique, warm atmosphere. In 2013 Matti was awarded the prestigious Rudolf Koivu illustration award.





Mirocomachiko is a self taught artist born in Osaka in 1981. While studying literature in university, she also worked as a scriptwriter for a puppet show and discovered her interest for art and illustration. Miroco's seemingly strong and wild brushstrokes create charming and whimsical pieces. Miroco's range of artworks includes painting, drawing & sculpture. In 2013 Miroco was awarded for the best illustration for children's book in Japan.



A N T T I  K A L E V I

Antti Kalevi is an illustrator who graduated from Helsinki's Aalto University in 2014. He also spent time studying graphic design in Reykjavik. Antti's love and appreciation for nature in many forms is visible in his works. Antti Kalevi has a signature style of drawing patterns inside patterns -  a style that allows him to combine geometric elements with more organic, hand drawn shapes.