• Our kitchen towels absorb moisture well and dry fast. These qualities get better with each wash.
  • Machine wash in max. 60 degrees Celsius
  • Do not use bleach, line dry
  • Iron with hot iron and use plenty of steam


  • The elasticity in wool fiber makes it naturally wrinkle-resistant and prone to holding its shape. Wrinkles disappear when blanket is hung -- 24 hours usually restores a smooth appearance with no need for ironing.
  • Best way to care for your wool blanket is to air it in fresh air.
  • Wool is naturally repellent to dirt and moisture. Try to remove stains as soon as possible before they set it.
  • Wool should never be treated with rubbing, hot water or bleach. Professional dry cleaning retains size, shape and feel of the blanket.
  • The softer the surface, the more suspect it is to pilling. In case of pilling, a good solution to this is a simple lint remover.


  • Our trays are made from Scandinavian birch veneer.
  • The trays have a surface which is easy to keep clean with damp cloth.
  • You can wash the tray in the dish washer in up to 95 degrees Celsius.


  • Our signature fabric is 55%linen & 45% cotton. The untreated fabric has a roughness at first due to the natural linen qualities. The fabric gets softer with use.
  • Machine wash max. 40 degrees Celsius
  • Do not use bleach, line dry
  • The fabric shrinkage is about 5%. Please take this to consideration when planning your project. The fabric width is 150cm.