Winter Visit to the Harakka Artist Island with Illustrator Marika Maijala

Marika Maijala Crossing Islands by sea in Helsinki.jpg

Illustrator Marika Maijala has her ateljee in the artist island of Harakka. In the summer and autumn she rowes the boat to the island, but now we could walk by first crossing from the mainland to the island of Uunisaari and then crossing over the ice to the island of Harakka.

Marika Maijala on Harakka island.JPG
Harakka island.JPG

The artist house on Harakka is on the top of the island. Some hundred yeards ago it used to be a chemist laboratory but since it was left unused, the city of Helsinki gave it to use of the local artists.

Harakka artists studios in Helsinki.JPG
Marika Maijala studio.JPG

Marika's ateljee is on the third floor. The view from the window is inspirational. In the summer the island is a nature reserve for sea birds but now it's surrounded by white ice and snow. In contrast, inside it's all pastel crayons, paints and colors!

Marika Maijala Studio Room.JPG
Marika Maijala Sketch Book.JPG
Marika Maijala Sketching 2.JPG
Marika Maijala.JPG

Harakka island is such an inspirational place for creating. We look forwards to sharing more news about works with Marika soon!

Milla Koukkunen